Good Evening! It is Friday, Apr 28 at Merritt & Associates



“Merritt & Associates has the best combination of the latest diagnostics and treatments with vets that really have a sixth sense for caring and maintaining horses.”

— Katie Kappler Hunter/Jumper Trainer




who-brad“The word is “trust”. Ten years of keeping our horses sound and healthy whether it was an AQHA World Champion or just a trail horse builds a trust you can’t beat.”

— Brad Kearns Quarter Horse Trainer





“The thoroughbred race world is very fast paced and competitive. I can’t afford to have my horses out of work for long. Merritt & Associates helps diagnose any problems and comes up with a treatment plan that makes sense. Their diagnostic equipment is state of the art and the veterinarians are familiar with the racing industry. The hospital is only 11 miles from Arlington Park which makes it very convenient .”

— Michael Stidham Thoroughbred Racehorse Trainer





who-thomas“Merritt & Associates keeps all of our performance horses working up to their full athletic ability. The veterinarians there are excellent and really care about the needs of our clients and their horses.”

—Thomas Cerra Hunter/Jumper Trainer







who-steve“Working with Merritt & Associates as an integral part of our team allows us to stay at the top of our game. It is amazing how much we can accomplish with our horses when we work together.”

— Steve Schaefer Hunter/Jumper Trainer